Got Laundry?

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How It Works

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Place your order. Feel
free to provide any special instructions.


Set your laundry outside for pick up. (Machine-dry in one bag, hang-dry in another.)


We’ll pick up your laundry, wash, dry, fold, and return it to you the next day.


Confirm that laundryk services your area.

We have a $25 minimum on all orders. You can still give us as much or as little laundry as you want, but if it’s 6 pounds or less you will be charged the $25

Wash, Dry & Fold
Free Pickup & Delivery
Next Day Delivery (for order pickup before 5pm)
Options for Hypoallergenic
Damage & Loss Protection

No. You can put your clothes out for pickup in any bag you want—just make sure it’s closed at the top. Most people use disposable bags. If you have clothes to hang put in separate bag with hangers marked hang. You can also put your clothes out in your hamper, in which case, we’ll transfer your clothes to our disposable bags and leave your hamper behind.
We launder clothes in cold water only. However if you want us to launder in hot put in separate bag marked hot water and we’ll accommodate you.
We don’t recommend fabric softener. However, if you want fabric softener simply leave your fabric softener with your laundry and it’ll be done for you.
All messages, contact information and payment details are handled by The Laundry Kings through our secure systems so your information is private and safe. It is never rented, sold, or shared with anyone for any reason. Your privacy is important to us. We protect it carefully.

It’s extremely rare that items are lost or damaged. Your laundry is tagged, kept together, and separate from other orders at all times. We wash in cold water (unless you request otherwise). We separate whites and colors. We dry in normal heat and we use standard washers and dryers. There is no part of our laundering process that is unique to what you would do at home and that would cause damage or loss. However, in the rare event items are lost or damaged you’re protected under our Garment Protection Plan up to $40 per garment and $200 per order. See terms and conditions.

We use Tide or Persil rated as “excellent” or “very good” by Consumer Reports.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a scale, just do the minimum of $20 we will weigh and invoice the difference, if any.

Absolutely! Just choose “hypoallergenic” when you order. There’s no extra charge. Your washer will use Persil Power-Liquid Sensitive Skin (a premium hypoallergenic detergent).

All orders done by 5pm will be delivered the next day.

We launder anything that fits in a standard sized residential washer and dryer.

We do not do shoes

Simple Pricing!


a lb

Free Pickup & Delivery!

*excludes specialty items

For more Information see our pricing guide


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[rt-testimonial id="135" title="Testimonial"]
Fanasha Acevedo Gonzalez
Fanasha Acevedo Gonzalez
April 3, 2023.
Too crowded for such a small place too much going on... Tables, washed old and new... Dries take coins some swipe only... Just abit much...
Peggie Scott
Peggie Scott
January 22, 2023.
I’ve used Laundry Kings twice and both times. It has been a wonderful and pleasant experience. I am impressed with the extra care they take with the clothes. Absolutely no refolding to get them back into the cupboards. I’m quite thankful I found them.
Tamzen Neal
Tamzen Neal
December 17, 2022.
This is better than getting supper delivered. What terrific service, everything was done very well. Very happy with the job and the system.
Chloe Manarte
Chloe Manarte
September 6, 2022.
Jaci at The Laundry Kings has been so great to work with! They are very responsive and prompt with pickups/drop offs. It was difficult to find a laundry service in Clermont that would fit our business's needs, and The Laundry Kings fits our needs perfectly. I highly recommend them if you need a laundry service in the Clermont area.
Marty Fontana
Marty Fontana
April 7, 2022.
Fast and great service, I will be using them again!!
Katlyn Tyer
Katlyn Tyer
March 21, 2022.
Amazing service! Used quite a few times and couldn’t ask for better service/prices.